When college graduates are thrust into the real world, they have to make a lot of financial decisions. Consulting with a financial advisor can help make these graduates’ decisions much easier, especially when dealing with issues they weren’t taught in school.

Many college graduates don’t know if they have the financial skills necessary in the real world.

A financial planner can help graduates navigate the many financial firsts that they will have to experience, and start on the right path. As a young college graduate, poor financial habits haven’t been established yet. A financial advisor can help graduates figure out their money paths, rather than experimenting with trial and error. Even decisions made in his or her 20s can have a lasting impact on an individual’s future. A planner can help consult on decisions so that they don’t have a lasting negative impact on the future.

With a financial advisor, there can be a plan to pay down student loan debt. Many recent graduates have more student debt than any other generation. Student loans are confusing and can take a huge chunk out of new paychecks. A financial advisor can help see if loans can be deferred, or if there are payment option plans.

With new financial responsibilities and hopefully more income, individuals need a budget. A financial planner can help work with the graduate to create a budget that makes sense with their income, lifestyle and existing debt. Many new grads don’t have a budget and don’t have savings to cover any financial events. Since most new grads are earning a bigger income than before, they may be tempted to go out and spend on things that are unnecessary. Creating a budget can help them make better financial decisions.

With a budget, it’s easier to prioritize financial goals, whether that’s paying down student loans, saving for a home, or another expense. Each individual is different, and the right planner can help work with the individual to figure out the right course of action in order to achieve these priorities.

Saving for retirement may be the last thing on a graduate’s mind, but it’s important to save and invest as soon as possible to have payoffs later. A financial planner can help with these decisions, which can be overwhelming.