Budgeting is nobody’s favorite activity, but it is crucial to ensuring financial stability. It can be daunting, though, to come face-to-face with your finances, and many adults can attest to rarely checking their bank account. However, I am of the mindset that budgeting can be more than scary, and maybe even fun. Don’t believe me? Here are some tips to make it fun.

Reward Yourself

Let’s face it: after beginning to budget, you might feel overwhelmed and worn out. Finances are both tiring and stressful for anyone. If you want to find a way to look forward to budgeting, reward yourself with something extra special right afterward. What it is could change from week to week, but you could see a movie, get lunch from your favorite restaurant, or set aside time to work on a hobby you never have time for. This method works the best if you check your budget once a week, as any more often will make the reward mundane.

Get Creative

Creativity is a great motivator to completing tasks we hate. One thing you could do is start a bullet journal planner. You can customize it to fit your needs, and using colorful pens or washi tape will surely liven up your pages. Opening up your journal to see the artistic indicators of your progress will make you want to progress even further.

Set Aside Money

One of the obvious points to budgeting is saving money for important things, like an emergency fund and retirement. However, I suggest setting aside money for something fun, such as a vacation or a new experience. If you regularly set aside $20 or so, you will see a fair amount of money stack up. Looking at your budget worksheet will remind you that you are one step closer to a great time, and since you have the worksheet there, you will be more likely to complete the rest of it.

Make It A Routine

Starting to add budgeting into your daily or weekly routine is a sure way to stick to it. You might need a reminder of when to do it, but eventually it will become second-nature. You may even appreciate the small chunk of time you can set aside to get the budget up to date, as it is typically a very consuming task.

Pick The Right Time

Budgeting can be done at any time, but choosing a time where you are in a good mood will help you associate budgeting with happiness. Consider how you feel after a long day at work where nothing goes right. You are probably pretty angry, frustrated, or just sad. If you budget while feeling these emotions, it will be harder to make it a routine, because you will associate these negative emotions with budgeting.

Anyone can budget, but using these tactics is the best way to ensure you continue the process, even when you might not feel like it. You will also see positive results in your finances, since you will regularly confront any issues. Next time you go to budget, try using these tips for optimal success.