Majority of the couples around the world constantly have financial disputes. This is because one party may be unaccountable or they rarely communicate on matters finance. Honeydue is an app that seeks to develop great financial habits and literacy for couples.

How it works

A user downloads the app and sends their credentials that are validated by the bank. The bank gives a token that is used to check balances and transaction. The user may add different bank accounts and invite their spouse/partner. After the two are set up, they can select privacy settings that allow the partner to see everything, completely hide accounts information or see balances only.

The conspicuous features

The user can see all the bank accounts and credit cards account balances in one organized place. When adding the accounts, users select whether the account is personal or joint. Couples share information about an activity and transaction, and they may comment on it. The emojis available allows partners to express shock or support for a particular activity.

The automatic budget categories allow couples to budget their spending. The two can see how and on what they are spending their money. Users manage their bills through the bill reminders. The partners can choose bill splitting, and if one owes the other, they can settle the bill by linking to PayPal or Venmo. A couple can pay for their expenses in good time and ensure they are within their financial means.

Benefits of the app

  • The app gives a sense of accountability and transparency, and couples think critically before making any purchases.
  • Regular email updates, alerts and notifications provide a platform for couples to discuss their finance frequently.
  • The account balances help partners keep their credit in check and motivate them to save more for a particular goal.
  • Honeydue supports over 10,000 banks, and it exposes the users to better financial services and products that will save them money.
  • The financial updates are also a great way of planning for future expenses or investment.

Partners willing to share financial responsibility and literacy are rarely likely to have arguments, as they are always on the same page on matters money. Honeydue is an innovative finance app best for couples who want to avoid conflicts.