Brett Fingerhut

Financial Advisor in Miami, FL.

Who Is Brett?

Brett Fingerhut, MBA, CFP®, is a Partner for Investor Solutions in Miami, Florida. Investor Solutions is a fee-only registered investment advisor, aiming to make the markets work for clients, and not the reverse. They align their bottom line with the bottom line of their clients. Brett is responsible for achieving a high level client satisfaction and loyalty through excellent service. Brett first joined Investor Solutions in 2011.  He works with up-and-coming professionals, affluent individuals, retirement plans, family offices, and foundations.  

Brett's Focus
Brett Fingerhut focuses on the unique financial goals of each of his clients to help customize an investment portfolio for their personal situations.  Since joining Investor Solutions, he’s earned a track record of providing high-level client satisfaction and loyalty.  In addition to his role as a Partner within the company, he is in charge of heading up the Investment Committee, and provides for the implementation of new investment models.
Previous Experience

Prior to his employment at Investor Solutions, Brett Fingerhut gained experience in Wealth and Investment Management in a three-year full time position as a Financial Analyst and Director with the Succession Group, which specialized in wealth transfer strategies. Fingerhut has also worked for Smith Barney during his years in college. Through this experience, Brett has developed a strong dedication to putting the client first.